Soccer Pro

Soccer Pro

Take on an entire team with one player!


  • Simple control system
  • Dribbling is fun at first


  • Poor artificial intelligence
  • Bad graphics
  • Jerky animation
  • Gameplay is very limiting

Not good

Soccer Pro is a Flash-based soccer game in which your objective is to dribble the ball through an entire team before scoring a goal.

You start on the half-way line and must use the cursor keys to weave in and out of the opposition defenders. Pressing the 'Z' key will perform a spin, though you'll have to wait a few seconds until your Soccer Pro spin bar has filled up again in order to spin again. Get to the goal area and a shooting screen will appear. You have to direct the arrow then try to stop the power bar in the right place, for maximum shot potency.

Soccer Pro soon becomes very frustrating due to the bizarre AI of the computer opponent. For the first few minutes of the match, there aren't many defenders and it' very easy to get past them. When you shoot, the goalkeeper will dive very randomly, making it easy to score.

Then, after you've hit a few goals, Soccer Pro will suddenly flood defenders onto the pitch, making it virtually impossible to pass. Every time you get tackled one of two outcomes appears written on the screen - either that you've regained possession or that the opponent has scored. It's pretty ridiculous that Soccer Pro gives you no control over this, not allowing you to defend when the opponent has possession.

The graphics in Soccer Pro are poor. They have a very two-dimensional feel, and the animation is jerky in the extreme.

It's fun to play for a few minutes, but die-hard soccer gamers will soon grow tired of Soccer Pro's annoying gameplay.

Soccer Pro

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Soccer Pro

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